Northern Lights

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Restored footage

The footage here is a fans attempt to recreate some of the footage lost in the theatrical version of the movie. It is fan made so it in no way reflects the quality in both audio and video of the final theatrical movie. I have no conection to Warner Bros or New Line Cinema, all the footage is from promotional materials.

More coming very soon...


Northern Lights (Restored Ending 2011 Version)
This is the final version of the scene everyone wants, the ending sequence. This version has more images and rare footage that gives a stronger idea of what the ending would be like. You actually get to see Lyra walking into a new world. The audio and editing hopefully takes a step up too. Please enjoy and leave a comment.

Beta Version

Northern Lights (Golden Compass Deleted Ending Restored)
My second go (which I do class as my final attempt in the description) at recreating the ending. This version was created in proper video editing software and as a result it is genuinly a better watch. This version works as a basis for the final version, but the final adds a lot more content (coming soon).

Northern Lights (Lyra captured and taken to Bolvangar)
A close to final version of Lyra being taken to Bolvangar. New shots have since been found for this scene and the final version is something I'm much more proud of.

Northern Lights (Lyra escapes Bolvangar, alternative cut)
This started off as an experiment but I liked the final result. The only big shame is Lyra smashing the alarm seems to be a parially lost shot. If anyone thinks they've got more of that shot I'd be your best friend for life!

Early drafts

Golden Compass - The Restored Ending (rough)
This was the first attempt to piece together the ending of the movie. This inspired the rest of the project, and believe it or not it was made in Window Movie Maker (something I do not condone!)

Golden Compass - Restored Ballon Scene (Northern Lights)
An early attempt of the scene which shows Lyra falling out of the Balloon and being captured by the bears.


Below are some images that show material that relates to earlier versions of the film, or show ideas that were dropped. Each image will have it's own explination (to the best of our knowledge) as to what it shows.


Kaisa - the missing daemon

An important daemon in the book, Kaisa is not even mentioned in the film. The only evidence that Serafina was even supposed to have a daemon comes in the form of this desktop background.

Released as a promotional item it shows Kasia next to Serafina and lists his name below in the footer of the image. The image looks poorly cut out and not the quality of other daemon images.

There are a few reasons for this, money was short and every daemon was expensive. Kasia especially would be a technical challenge to make look serious compared to other animal forms. Originally Kasia was refrenced by Serifina, stating that he was at a war council - however this was cut and it's unknown if it was ever filmed.

Aurora Aurora 2

FX shots of the Aurora


Links to any found scripts will be placed here. We are not responsible for the content on external websites.

Chris Weitz's original screenplay

Originally posted by is a chance to read how Chris Weitz originally invision the movie.

Read the script here


Contained here are a list of trailers, noting footage contained that is different and unused in the theatrical cut. We've uploaded the footage to our own YouTube Channel to make sure that they are of the highest quality available.

Sizzle Reel Preview

It's still unclear if this trailer was ever supposed to be made public. It was never pushed by the studio and the quality it was availble in was very low. The footage is very unfinished but gives an exciting glimpse at what was to come.

The sequence begins with a few early fx shots of Lyra and Mrs Coulter traveling to London, the gyptian's boat, and Roger about to be abducted. The rest of the trailer is a flurry of behind the scenes glimpses, early versions of shots and a few preproduction videos.

Keep a keen eye out for the shot of Lord Asriel explaining dust in his prison up in the North, guards rushing through Jordan Collage, and a green screen version of Lyra falling out of Lee's Balloon.

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Teaser trailer

This is the first officially released trailer, which pushes the connection with the Lord of the Rings. There's a bit of unused footage contained within, including: a shot of the master talking with Lord Asriel, Lyra setting off the alarm in Bolvangar, a few shots of Lord Asriel creating the bridge up north, Lyra falling from the balloon. There is also quite a lot of footage that is early with incomplete special effects and showing the original magestirium building. Also listen out for Iorek's original voice before he became Gandalf the Bear!

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Extended Preview Trailer

Supposedly this footage is similar to the 10 minute preview that was shown at Caines. There is much alternate and deleted footage. I will hopefully soon do a shot by shot report.

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Theatrical Trailer

Just before the final theatrical trailer was released, news of the cuts was reported. Fans deverstated were then kicked in the teeth with this trailer showing finalised footage of the ending sequence, and shots of the Master's arrest and extended shots from Lyra's escape of Bolvangar. The most deverstating is the loss of the 'I'll never be yours!' - one of the most powerful sequences, never to be seen in full by audiences.

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